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CSR and green growth in action by Korinthian Foods with new electric chargers and solar park.

As from Friday 03/10/2023, a public double charging electric car charger is now operating at our facility in Korinthian Foods. We are happy to announce our partnership with NRG, one of the leading companies in the field of electric mobility. Additionally, 4 of our vehicles have also been replaced by electric cars which will use the private chargers within our premises. This investment is a testament to our commitment in a more sustainable future.

Furthermore, by including the operation of a photovoltaic park on the roof of our building, we are making a dynamic move towards the utilization of renewable energy sources. This not only reduces the cost of energy production and gas emissions, but shows our responsible attitude towards the environmental challenges of our time.

At Korinthian Foods we invest in the present with an eye to the future, embracing technologies and practices that benefit both our company and the environment. Our commitment to sustainable development and green energy is reflected in every step we take and every initiative we undertake.

During this era, that calls for  environmental awareness and sustainability in any corporate philosophy, Korinthian Foods is taking an important step in this direction, investing in technologies that reduce the environmental footprint and promote electrification.

We aim to continue to lead this journey towards sustainability, leaving a positive footprint for future generations and setting an example for other businesses to follow.

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