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Korinthian Foods has become a symbol of quality and reliability in its field. With an emphasis on the use of pure raw materials and the production of fine meals, the company is an example of respect for the customer, the environment and society. Sustainability and social responsibility are key pillars of our corporate culture, as we seek a holistic approach that enhances the social good and well-being of the communities in which we operate. With actions such as supporting vulnerable social groups, financially supporting local associations and sustainable management of environmental resources, Korinthian Foods demonstrates its commitment to solidarity, responding to social and environmental needs and contributing to sustainable development.

For the employees

For the society

For the environment

For the local economy

Korinthian Foods is building its future by building on the diversity and strength of its employees, recognizing their personal and professional value. With more than 120 members in various regions of Greece, from the Peloponnese to Attica and the Ionian Islands, the company creates an environment that encourages solidarity, development and innovation.

Drawing knowledge from the processes of interaction and dialogue with its people, the company focuses on satisfying and recognising the needs and desires of its staff. In this way, Korinthian Foods strengthens its team identity, invests in a friendly, inclusive and team-oriented working environment and puts people at the centre of its continuous development and growth.

Korinthian Foods, recognizing the importance of responsibility towards the community, has undertaken important initiatives to support people in need. In difficult times, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, we have made significant donations of money and goods, focusing on providing relief to affected communities. We distributed free food and basic necessities to vulnerable groups, while we implemented free feeding programmes for needy families, strengthening social cohesion and solidarity.

Beyond addressing immediate needs, we are convinced that the economic and cultural well-being of society is fundamental to sustainable development. For this reason, we financially support sports and cultural associations, as well as various artistic, sporting and cultural events. Initiatives that contribute to strengthening the local community and its cultural identity.

During emergencies, such as natural disasters or fires, our company responds immediately, providing material and financial assistance to the affected areas. Our response to these crises reflects our commitment to the principle of solidarity and responsible service to society.

We believe that through our actions we can have a positive impact on people's lives and help create a better world for all. We are committed to implementing actions that not only support the growth and prosperity of our community, but also strengthen the resilience of our society to challenges and crises.

Korinthian Foods demonstrates its strong commitment to environmental sustainability by adopting innovative practices and technologies that reduce its environmental footprint. By using energy from renewable sources, such as photovoltaic systems, the company reduces its dependence on fossil fuels and helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

In the area of waste management, Korinthian Foods has planned to install an integrated treatment plant, utilizing waste as an energy source and significantly reducing solid waste going to landfills. The implementation of technologies for water reuse shows the company's commitment to sustainable resource management.

The food waste reduction policy it has developed, as well as the encouragement of recycling and efficient waste management, reinforces environmental awareness and action within and outside the company. With the installation of photovoltaic systems in the new production unit, it is planned to cover a large part of the company's energy needs through a renewable source.

In addition, by adopting environmental management systems, Korinthian Foods enhances the environmental awareness of its staff and improves the energy efficiency of its buildings. The use of green vehicles further reflects the company's commitment to sustainable transport.

Through these actions, Korinthian Foods sets an example for the integration of sustainable practices into the business philosophy, thus contributing to a better environment and ensuring a sustainable future for future generations.

Our company, Korinthian Foods, shows its practical support for the local economy by undertaking important initiatives that strengthen the communities in which it operates. In response to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we made donations of money and goods, aiming to provide relief to affected communities and ensure access to food and basic necessities.

Our company invests in the financial support of local sports and cultural associations, recognizing their crucial role in promoting social welfare and cultural development. By supporting various artistic, sporting and cultural events, we help to boost the local economy and promote cultural diversity.

In times of crisis, such as natural disasters or fires, Korinthian Foods responds quickly by providing immediate assistance and support to the affected areas. This action strengthens the sense of community and enhances the resilience of local communities in the face of unforeseen challenges.

With these actions, Korinthian Foods reaffirms its commitment to strengthening the local economy and developing a sustainable community. We believe that corporate responsibility goes through supporting the local community, recognising its needs and actively participating in its economic and social development.


Initiatives solidarity & change from Korinthian Foods

Energy saving

Korinthian Foods, with a monthly need of 95,000kWh of electricity, has taken significant steps to save energy. The daily consumption of the company, about 3,100kWh, is expected to be significantly reduced by the installation of a photovoltaic park, which will save about 630kWh per day. This means a 20% saving in total consumption, reducing annual needs from 95,000kWh to 76,000kWh. In addition, the transition to less energy-intensive machinery in the new production unit will provide further savings, reinforcing the company's environmental commitment, thus contributing to the reduction of its ecological footprint.


Agapis Charisma

Korinthian Foods' "Agapis Charisma" program is the core of our Corporate Social Responsibility, with the central value of supporting the local community. Adopting the philosophy that true well-being should touch every member of society, the "Agapis Charisma" combines the human factor and our moral obligation. Through this program, hundreds of portions of food, prepared with love, care and safety, have been distributed to people in need in Corinth and other regions of Greece. We are working to strengthen our actions to expand the reach and impact of the programme, touching even more lives. 


Food Waste

Korinthian Foods deeply understands the need for sustainable practices, incorporating circularity at the core of its philosophy to eliminate food waste. By addressing the economic, environmental and social aspects of food waste, the company takes a holistic approach. With actions such as efficient stock management, donating leftover food, training employees to reduce waste, optimising packaging and storage conditions and careful menu planning, Korinthian Foods aims to reduce its ecological footprint. These initiatives reflect the company's commitment to reducing food insecurity, actively contributing to a more sustainable and equitable society.


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