Milestones & Progress

From 2004 to date


At Korinthian Foods our vision is to be there for the people, contributing to their nutrition and well-being. From working with municipalities and regions through FEAD programmes, where we offer quality food to vulnerable social groups, to providing quality meals to hospitals and universities, our mission is to offer tasty and healthy meal solutions in every occasion. With a strong fleet of trucks and modern storage facilities, we provide a seamless distribution process and high quality services. By providing food solutions and goods supplies that enhance social well-being, we contribute to the development of communities that are nourished and flourishing.


Company Establishment

Korinthian Foods was founded with the vision of offering excellent quality outside catering services at the customer's premises, targeting an audience with high expectations and demands.


Mass feeding projects launch

Korinthian Foods undertakes important feeding projects in refugee and migrant structures, proving its readiness to respond to increased and complex needs.


Quality assurance

The company obtains the first ISO quality assurance certificates, strengthening the level of its services.


Mass feeding projects expansion

Undertaking demanding feeding projects in refugee and immigrant structures as a result of the war in Syria and the conflicts in the wider region of the Middle East and the Maghreb.


Expansion into food trading

The company recognizes and exploits an important market opportunity by expanding its activities in the supply of food and household goods to municipalities and regions.


Technology upgrade

Installation of an advanced computerized ERP system for the complete and immediate management of business processes.


Feeding project for the University of Peloponnese

The company takes over the feeding of the University of Peloponnese and increases the supply of meals during the Covid-19 pandemic. It also initiates mass feeding of the needy through public agency tenders.


New offices and corporate transformation

Inauguration of the new offices with modern infrastructure and conversion to Sole Proprietorship S.A. Also, initiation of TEBA projects for distribution of food and household items to beneficiaries.


Strengthening organizational structure

The company reaches 100 employees and strengthens its organizational structure, with specialized tenders and procurement departments.


Feeding project for Rhodes Hospital

Taking over daily feeding at the General Hospital of Rhodes, offering specialized nutritional solutions.


Top nationwide distinction

Korinthian Foods ranks 1st among Catering companies in Greece and 4th nationwide in the HORECA sector.


Leadership position

The company is consolidating its position as an important supplier both in the distribution of ready-to-eat portions and in the distribution of food and household items to beneficiaries of municipal and regional programs.


New storage and distribution facilities

The company, in addition to the storage center that already operates in Tripoli, rents and starts operating other large food storage and distribution centers in strategic parts of the country, in order to reduce costs and distribution time in the projects it has undertaken. Their total area reaches 5,600 sq.m. and are located in Tripoli, Patras, Crete.

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