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Korinthian Foods, Sponsors Culture and Sports Activities in Corinthia

Korinthian Foods is proud to announce its support for cultural and sports activities, strengthening the local community of Corinthia this summer.

Korinthian Foods, recognizing the importance of cultivating and promoting cultural and sporting activities, seeks to strengthen the spirit and unity of the community. With our support, we aspire to strengthen social cohesion and inspire the citizens of Corinthia to actively participate in the events of their region.

Korinthian Foods Objectives and Commitment:

  • Cultural Activities: We support events, festivals and activities that promote cultural heritage and artistic expression.
  • Sports Events: We support local sports competitions and events that promote health, wellness and sportsmanship.
  • Social Responsibility: We invest in initiatives that strengthen social cohesion, empower the younger generation and promote solidarity.


We strongly believe in the power of social events to unite and inspire communities, which is why we actively support them.

Here are some of the actions that Korinthian Foods supported in the wider area of Corinth.

Treasures of Corinthian Land – Ancient Corinth


Loux GNC 3on3 Corinth 2024

Qhapaq Ñan:

The Great Road of the Incas (by the Corinthian Ephorate of Antiquities and the Embassy of Peru in Greece)

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